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E. Warren Davis,

Senior Pastor,

Filmmaker, Author

Elias Davis,

Son of E. Warren Davis

Fred Williams,

Richland County


Chris Williams

Son of Fred Williams

Chief W.H. "Skip"


Chief of Police,

Columbia, S.C.

Let's Talk About J.A.Y. son

J.A.Y. son, or Just As Your Son, is a discussion you do not want to miss! Fathers and sons share in a conversation about police brutality, civil rights, and strategies for repairing relationships between the community and police officers through legislation and reform.


The Election is Over, Now What?

Learn about the importance of voting, while creating action plans for civic engagement. Come learn about different types of elections, the electoral process and guidance on ways this generation can get more involved in legislative and policy changes. As the next generation, despite potential challenges your action or inaction in the voting process directly impacts your future!

Senator Steven Roberts


Economic Empowerment

Through Entrepreneurship


This workshop discusses the details of becoming your own boss, the differences between being an entrepreneur and a business owner, how resources can be used to support causes, and how youth can best prepare themselves for a financially secure future right now.

Mark Cuban,

Billionaire, Owner of Dallas Mavericks

Gene Simmons,

Cofounder of KISS, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropist

Maranda Williams, Entrepreneur,

Marketing Strategist

Butta B Rocka,

International Recording Artist, Entrepreneur

Butta B Rocka.png
DeFiant Ones - Robinson Brothers.jpg

Christian & DiKori

Robinson Brothers

Owners of

Defiant Ones Magazine


Dr. DeRetta Cole Rhodes

Executive VP/ Chief People Capital Officer,  Atlanta Braves

Excelling in the New Workforce

Do you know what careers and industries will flourish in a post-pandemic America? The time is now to begin preparing for the post-COVID 19 job market shifts. Discover the careers and markets that will excel post-pandemic, as well as the educational paths that may not be seen as viable options.

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Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 3.27.11 AM.png

Earth, Wind and Fire

Did you know there are current racial inequities related to the environment where you play, learn, work and live?  Large groups of minority communities don't receive equal protection or the advocacy needed through environmental justice. Whether it’s wildfires in California, hurricanes in Louisiana or the water crisis in Michigan, our broken environment affects people everywhere. It’s up to you to join the fight and enforce this platform for change.  

Dr. Tameria Warren,

Environmental Science Professor

Honey Larochelle,

CEO of SeaSavers.Co

Generation NOW

Christina Haswood.jpg
kendrick roberson.jpg


 Christina Haswood

Julien Serrano O'Neil, Activist

Professor Kendrick Roberson

Do you believe that you are too young to affect social change but want to get involved? With all of the changing social issues plaguing our country, this workshop will show you how to make a difference in this time of social unrest. Learn how your voice and action can be effective weapons in making a lasting change!

Esther 2_Clervaud Headshot.jpg

Unite & Conquer

Are you aware that you already possess certain biases due to your own unique experiences and circumstances?  In this workshop you can  assess your personal biases towards different people groups that could hinder the collective fight for inequality.  Let’s identify strategies for community advocacy and multicultural engagement.

Esther Clervaud,

Owner of Heritage AcceptED

michael parks.jpg

Voice Activated

Your voice and talents can create meaningful change in your school and community.  Hear from current high school and college leaders in student government who will discuss connection-building in advocacy through service to others, as well as ways middle and high school age students can develop into leaders who promote advocacy and social change.

Michael Parks, Student Government, USC Law School

Isha Bojang, National Student Council 

Benjamin Bledsoe, National Student Council


Revolutions & Reformations

Do you desire to lead a revolution for social change?  Join former Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee member (SNCC) member,  Cleveland Sellers, Jr., his son, Cleveland Sellers III, and grandson, Cleveland Sellers, IV, for a candid intergenerational discussion on the history of advocacy, the Civil Rights Movement, SNCC, and what the recipe for revolution should be today. 

Dr. Cleveland Sellers Jr.

Civil Rights Activist,

SNCC Member

Rev. Cleveland Sellers III

kevin nash.jpg

The Virtual Wave

Has learning in a virtual environment during the pandemic caused frustration or ignited a new-found enjoyment for education? Do you think you were equipped with the adequate educational tools needed to be successful in this virtual environment? This workshop investigates the effectiveness and equity of all students learning in a virtual environment. This workshop will not only discuss current issues but also point to better solutions!

Cheryl Hinton,

Richland One

School Board

Kevin Nash, Owner of Accelerated Radio Broadcasting School


Mark Cuban,

Billionaire, Owner of

Dallas Mavericks

MC Lyte, 

Rapper, MC,

Entrepreneur, Actress

Put Your Money

Where Your Mouth Is

In this workshop, you will learn what it means to value economics. You'll learn about advocacy issues central to economic justice for issues such as pay disparities that exist based on gender and race, equitable job accessibility to jobs that pay viable wages, and other economic injustices that hinder socio-economic equality.

Michael Parks

kendrick roberson.jpg

Who is Policing the Police?

Can you imagine what would happen in this country if the police force no longer existed?  We'll discuss the concept of police reform, current reform initiatives, and explore the pros and cons of defunding the police and its impact on various communities in our society.

Professor Kendrick



Kalan Haywood,


Kalan Haywood.jpg

Revolutionary Art

Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.12.54

Brooklen Bruce,

Film Composer, Casting Director


Rachele Brooke Smith,

Actress, Dancer,

Motivational Speaker


Keedron Bryant,

National Recording Artist, Hit Song "I Just Wanna Live"


Len Gibson,

Filmmaker, Founder of Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Art can be used as a formidable weapon for positive change. Various forms of art have the ability to unite through creativity. This workshop offers solutions to our current societal turmoil through media and the arts. Learn how artists, from various genres, use their artistic gifts to break racial and social barriers, to invoke understanding and acceptance, and as an unconventional but powerful form of advocacy. 


Faith in Action

This workshop investigates the current position of the Church in times of protest and social unrest. Come learn the historical position of the Church as an agent of change and what the Bible tells us about justice. Come explore steps to fulfilling your call to action from a biblical perspective.

Pastor Kevin Tucker

Pastor Wayne Chaney

COVID-19 & Health Disparities

Christina Haswood.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.40.44 PM.png

Dr. Kacka,


Metta World Peace,

Retired NBA Star,

Founder of X vs X Sports App


 Christina Haswood

Soani Moreno

 Licensed Practical Nurse

This workshop highlights how low income and living conditions of racial and ethnic minority groups may contribute to underlying health disparities of COVID-19. Join experts who explore how this pandemic contributes to disproportionately higher statistics of COVID-19 deaths for minorities and why access to healthcare is such a large and ongoing issue for minority communities.

Workshop Spotlights

krystina arielle.jpg

Gerald Auger,

Actor, Producer, Writer, Motivational Speaker

Krystina Arielle,

Actress, Gamer, 

Host of Star Wars:

“High Republic Show”

EllisHall-Worship Hi-res.jpg

Ellis Hall,

International Recording Artist, "Tower of Power"

Regan Farley.jpg

Regan Farley Publicist, Cofounder of Intel Media Group

Krystina Arielle Tigner, Ellis Hall, Gerald Auger, Regan Farley and more lend their voices to this student advocacy conference to empower the next generation of student advocates.

Don't miss the opportunity to discuss relevant issues with state legislators, celebrities, and subject matter experts. Come learn how to leverage your power to transform your communities, your future professions, and the world. 

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If you want to be a part of the change now,

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