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S.A.V.E. (Students Advocating Vital Engagements) is an organization that empowers students to advocate for change in their community in the following areas: police reform, environmental justice, voting rights, health disparities, and economic equality.

A national student advocacy campaign – one that teaches students to redirect destructive behavior towards long lasting legislative results by using their voices and advocacy skills….no more riots!

Our Mission

The mission of S.A.V.E is to galvanize youth and young adult students who support legislative, civic, and personal advocacy that advances and changes their communities. S.A.V.E. provides guidance and advocacy support in areas such as Police Reform, Environmental Justice, Voting Rights, Health Disparities, and Economic Equality to ensure positive engagement in these and other areas of national concern affecting youth, their neighbors, and the larger global community. 

College Students
Our Mission
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Our Vision

​S.A.V.E. members discuss relevant issues with state legislative members and participate in lobbying opportunities to address major issues affecting their communities and the world. Interested students will leverage their power as youth to transform their communities, their future professions, and their world. 

Internal Divisions

The Pillars of S.A.V.E.

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